A True Servant Leader

Dr. Mary L. Thomas is a true servant leader. Her life’s work and career has been defined by helping others. As an educator she has excelled in her roles as teacher, administrator, and director. Her goals have always been to support and assist in the development of her students, teachers, administrators, and parents. Dr. Thomas’s contributions to education have been recognized and awarded on local, state, national, and global levels. She is a sought after presenter and trainer of school district personnel and school boards on those issues that impact education.
Dr. Thomas is the founding president of the Austin Area Alliance of Black School Educators. A national organization devoted to providing educational opportunities for all students especially children of color. To this day, Dr. Thomas has served as an elected officer on the local, state, and national boards of the Alliance of Black School Educators. Because of her dedication and initiative, other educators in the surrounding Austin school districts are endeavoring to emulate her work.
Dr. Thomas’s leadership role in her church has provided opportunities to assist in the growth and development of churches and schools in other struggling communities in Haiti and South Africa. Through her travels and outreach, she has gained insights that have been beneficial in supporting the educational needs of all children.
As a member of the Manor ISD school board, Dr. Mary L. Thomas will bring to the district the knowledge, experience, and dedication that will assist in moving the Manor schools to the next level.